Connect and monitor your top traffic and monetization sources directly from your Cortex dashboard.

Why is this so important? An optimized revenue attribution strategy improves numbers across the board. 

Watch how sales and marketing can analyze revenue channels in real time by platform/source. You should know where every ad dollar goes so you can make the best decisions while moving to scale your digital efforts. 

AdRizer’s Cortex revenue attribution model will help you prioritize your budget and let you confidently reallocate ad spend to your most profitable areas.

Get a Complete Revenue Picture

Drop the Cortex code on your page and see in an instant which ad slots, social media, on-site promotions, and media partnerships are driving the most revenue. Make your monetization strategy work even harder and your funnel convert more frequently with AI-powered media insights.

Turn Up the Volume on Your Traffic

Centrally measure and manage every traffic partner and ad campaign from the beautiful Cortex interface. Immediately discover which partners are delivering the most valuable traffic with Cortex's unique revenue attribution.

Cortex uncovers your most profitable areas - allowing you to streamline any and all paid efforts confidently and most important - competitively.
Cortex interface