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Consolidate your digital marketing and improve ROI
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About AdRizer

Since 2015 our mission has been making it easier to launch, optimize and measure digital advertising campaigns while also making them more profitable.

To do this we use Cortex; our award-winning advertising platform which is used by hundreds of world class marketers every day.

In 2018, AdRizer was recognized by Inc Magazine as the #1 fastest growing software company.

Our growth continues today and we are proud to count the largest media brands and most innovative advertisers among our customers.

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Spend: $752.32
Profit: $627.83
ROAS: 183%
CPC: $0.98
Adds to Cart: 76
Checkouts: 19
Transactions: 8
AOV: $94.04
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Get real-time data on key performance indicators you wont find anywhere else.
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Meet Cortex

Through various connections and the wonders of JavaScript, we’re able to aggregate data from multiple advertising technologies and revenue drivers.

Real time data is then displayed in easy to read formats to help identify top revenue generating content, audience channels, and ads. 

This allows media buyers to make intra-day adjustments, accelerating ROI by moving them through the learning phase faster.

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Quick Deployment

  • Create campaigns across multiple sources
  • Create hundreds of ad variations in seconds
  • Push ads from source to source without losing targeting
  • Save time & energy by doing this all from a single dashboard

Ease of Use

Easily manage all campaigns/ads from multiple sources inside of a single dashboard

Effortlessly Control Traffic In Real-time And How It's Performing

  • Quickly View Where Traffic Is Coming From
  • Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data
  • Export Data Into Spreadsheets For In-depth Analysis

Optimize Automatically Based On Performance

  • Clone With One Click
  • Adjust Campaign Bids/Budgets
  • Pause Ads
  • Archive Campaigns
  • Adjust Publisher & Target Bids
  • Block Publishers, Widgets And Sections
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How it works

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One campaign creator to rule them all. Send to all the top sources from one interface.
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Hit your traffic acquisition goals with ease on the most widely trafficked networks.


In depth analytics to help refine your strategy and growth.


Scale with precision with real-time analytics and granular bidding options.

How We Generate Results

We help brands tell stories that sell product. We leverage our expertise in publishing economics to tune and develop content that generates conversions.

Case Study

AdRizer partnered with Ogee to identify ways to drive additional sales leveraging their existing content investments.

Together we:

  • Identified existing content assets and strengths
  • Leveraged Cortex to find and target under-explored audiences and inventory with the Top Publishers
  • Partnered closely to develop user experiences that generated sales
  • Tested headlines, images, audiences and landing experiences to find the right fit
  • Scaled up ad spend and product sales

The result?

Record year-on-year growth, and additional volume from diversified traffic sources.

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