How To Win In 2020

With a new year comes fresh plans to attain higher goals. Publishing and ad tech are steadily changing — new channels, distinct trends, and better metrics utilization. Keep up with the pace of innovation. Here’s what your company can do to win in 2020.

Thinking Outside The Box: AdRizer's Culture of Innovation

To meet and exceed client's goals means constant innovation... and not just technological.

A/B Testing: Know It - Use It - Crush It

One of the most valuable tools we utilize here at AdRizer is A/B testing. When it comes to experimenting with different kinds of headlines and ad images, there’s no such thing as having too much information. There are often several different ways to draw a user to a piece of content, and A/B testing allows us to discover the best possible criteria that make it happen.

Stay Ahead of The Game by Understanding CPM Trends

Our Media Analysts live and breathe campaign analytics, and CPM is watched carefully all day because it is the baseline metric that affects all others. Fluctuations in CPM have a direct impact on RPU and the overall financial performance of your site. They are one of the key metrics to track as you manage and refine your goals.

Headline Dos and Don'ts

There’s a fine line between headlines which are compelling and those that many would consider “click-bait.” Part of that relies on your long-form content telling a story, the rest is reliant on the headline you use to tease that story to elicit a click. These are some of our "best practices."

Grab Attention with Arresting Images

Maybe you’ve had a campaign get rejected, or maybe you’re just doing your due diligence before diving into Cortex to begin creating your first campaigns. Either way, these tips will help you get on track and empowered with some of the current best practices for ad creation on our partner sources in 2019.

Best Practices


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Thinking Outside The Box: AdRizer's Culture of Innovation

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The Direct-to-Consumer Catagory Matures

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Cortex Illuminates as Google Goes Dark

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