Perform or Perish

2019 had an ominous start for open-web publishers. BuzzFeed, Verizon Media, and Gannett all announced significant layoffs that hit content creators (journalists) particularly hard. Over 1,000 jobs went away. BuzzFeed laid off 200 people (15% of its staff), Verizon Media laid off 800 people (7% of its staff), and Gannett laid off more than two dozen.

In January, Bloomberg CEO Justin Smith said during an AdExchanger Industry Preview panel, “You are not seeing the complete death of the industry, but a radical resizing, and rethinking.” According to Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg, a big outcome of the rethink means “Out performers are promoted and given raises and equity,” based on their impact on the bottom line, while under performers are showed the door.

To reward content creators who consistently deliver eyeballs, publishers need a new paradigm in analytics, one that breaks down revenue attribution by meaningful business metrics like article, author, and subject matter. This type of publisher intelligence was AdRizer’s North Star as we developed the Cortex platform. Our purpose is to help publishers predict what content will resonate and provide the insights and expertise to unleash its untapped potential.

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Ken Bond
During his time as CEO, AdRizer has achieved rapid growth and was named by Inc. magazine as the nation’s fastest-growing software company.