Anyone who’s ever spent time creating ads can relate to the struggle of finding the perfect image for a great article. At AdRizer, media buyers are consistently pushing themselves to break through barriers and scale even the most unlikely of content. Sometimes this means tapping a resource close to home...

In an effort to continuously refine their craft and their ability to maximize client return, AdRizer buyers turn to their colleagues. Not only for their insight and another set of eyes but, sometimes for their likeness. An adventurous and worldly group, the AdRizer office is a prime source of imagery.

Photos from a European excursion, a cracked mobile phone, or an awkward photo from college come at a dime a dozen on Google. Compare that to a simple inquiry to the AdRizer media buying team which alone can render not only multiple authentic image options for just about any article, but also images that are highly qualified — images likely to elicit a high CTR, as they have been selected and vetted by some of the top buyers in the world.

More often than not, this process results in high performing campaigns, not only because the image is highly qualified, but it becomes a discussion of “best practices” which in-turn influences headline creation and leads to a final product that blows client’s goals out of the water.