Media and Techonology Visionaries Sign On to Help Guide AdRizer

SARASOTA, Fla., Sept. 19, 2018 -- AdRizer, a leading publisher analytics solution with a focus on revenue attribution and America's fasting-growing software companies as ranked by Inc. 5000, announced today that Kevin Wall and Ben Barokas have agreed to join its board of directors. The addition of the media and technology titans signals the continued growth of the SaaS platform.

Wall, an Emmy-winning media entrepreneur, early Facebook investor, and longtime social activist, built his career creating and producing large-scale global music event platforms including Chime for Change, Live Earth, and Live 8. Barokas rose to prominence after founding the seminal supply-side advertising platform, Admeld, which was acquired by Google. He went on to found Sourcepoint, a content compensation platform, where he is currently the CEO. Both men are recognized as visionaries in building platforms and marketplaces that connect relevant content to users across multiple channels. Both are also passionate about the indispensable role that publishers play in the marketplace of ideas and how AdRizer can support them.

"I joined the board of AdRizer because for too many years publishers have been the victims of adtech shenanigans and nefarious solutions with broken promises of increased traffic and higher CPMs," Barokas said. "Publishers need help doing what they do better, like identifying their best content and getting more eyes on it."

AdRizer's core product, Cortex, leverages AI technology to automate the identification of high-performing publisher content with untapped potential and amplifies its reach via a network of third-party media partners. Targeted media buys extend the content's reach, and ultimately increase the scale of premium audiences publishers can offer to ad buyers.

"This country relies on the free and open exchange of information that now largely occurs online," said Wall. "Without viable independent publishers we are subject to only what is fed to us through the feeds of social media, and we've seen how vulnerable that makes us."

About AdRizer:

Born at a kitchen table in 2013 and now ranked the fastest-growing software company in America by Inc. Magazine, AdRizer is an analytics and revenue attribution platform for open-web content publishers. AdRizer's SaaS technology precisely measures the ROI of a publisher's content and its amplified potential across a network of media outlets. AdRizer delivers lightning fast results through a scaled global cloud infrastructure and suite of powerful applications specifically created to help today's open-web publishers compete and win. For more information, visit

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