Know Your Audience

Content marketing is often a default but executed incorrectly. That doesn’t sound like you, does it? You crafted the best piece on a topic but, what was the result? Was there a surge in visits?  Did your conversion rates skyrocket? The truth is, the best content does not always equate to the most successful content.  Imagine putting your all into a piece. You hit publish and receive a middling 200 visits before traffic dies; meanwhile, the most elementary piece gets thousands. Maybe you don’t have to imagine. It’s frustrating, to say the least. The world's unfair and, yes, that applies to content marketing as well. Rest assured, it can be much easier if you know your audience. Keep viewers with material that resonates with them. Ask yourself, am I creating something audience-focused?  You’ll want to make sure that your content’s subject matter and length are conducive to who is reading it. Seeing how long your audience spends on a page is simple with the Cortex Destinations page.  Not only can you see what articles are getting the most attention, but also average load times and bounce rates, among other beneficial metrics. This can help when comparing your content to current trends, especially when attempting to reach a broader audience.

Try New Traffic

It hasn’t been long since the time of marketers leaning on the all-mighty Google. At one point, Google was the leading source for gaining traffic. With time, other platforms have arisen — social platforms. With more people mingling online, publishers would be unwise to ignore the opportunity for added online exposure. When putting forth an effort to continue to grow, analysis and testing are necessary. When it comes to ad tech, playing it safe gets you nowhere quickly. If 2019 brought you success on Outbrain and Taboola, consider applying what you know to new traffic sources like Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or, the newly released AdRizer Network. Diversifying your traffic sources will not only give you the opportunity for growth but also help balance your business amid an unexpected source crash like that of the May 2019 Google Ad Manager outage. The blackout left a myriad of advertisers and publishers outside of Cortex struggling for days. While expanding a company source range can be trying and time-consuming— especially when attempting to adjust to the various user interfaces— with Cortex, creating campaigns in multiple sources is effortless. The interface allows users to enter information uniformly in one place while editing for each integrated source.

Scale With Confidence

When it comes to a profitable development in audience size or spend, having a strategy is important. Continuously thriving involves innovation. Delving into A/B testing ensures a company will see which process proves to be most successful.  Allow metrics to be the tools used to begin the scaling process: determining what information is needed as well as what will help guide the company closer to KPIs. The phrase ‘trust the process’ is cliché and, in this case, true.  It will take time to build data to work from, but it will prove to be worth it.  A commitment to optimizing leads to sustainable growth.

With these tips, you're sure to head in 2020 with full confidence and a winning plan. Looking for more tips and tricks? Reach out to one of our Cortex specialists for more information.