Cut Time With Templates

When it comes to creating campaigns in various sources, the processes tend to take more time than necessary. Naturally, the user interfaces for each traffic source differ greatly; however, Cortex created the solution by providing a place to create campaigns on one uniform interface. Whether campaigns are going to Outbrain, Yahoo, Twitter or any other traffic source, the guesswork is removed and time is cut drastically. However, what about that pesky targeting? Users may find that while A/B testing, a certain targeting performs better than another. Rather than manually recreating those targeting factors, save them as a template. The ability to save a template is one of Cortex’s newest features. Creating it takes seconds and adding it to new campaigns is just as quick. During the campaign creation process select the desired targeting template to add to the new campaign. This feature will reduce mass targeted campaign creation time by 90%— who couldn’t use more time, especially towards campaign management.

Optimize On Your Time With Bid Scheduling

When dealing in real-time bidding it’s important to monitor CPC, or cost-per-click. One of the most remarkable parts of bidding in real-time is the speed of which it occurs. When the goal is optimization, making sure the revenue per user exceeds the set CPC is key. Analyzing and applying learned time trends helps in securing a stable ROI; however, when time is of the essence, why spend it adjusting campaign bids over dinner? The days of staying by your laptop to adjust bigs every other hour is in the past. When managing campaigns through Cortex, users have access to a bid schedule. This valuable tool allows users to set a schedule following the campaign’s creation to automatically adjust bids at certain times. This not only frees up time but makes for easy optimization. Adjust bid schedules while on the go in seconds with Cortex’s mobile version and get back to working on what matters whether that’s creating more content of enjoying life.

Use Widgets To Get What You Want

When running campaigns, it’s essential to remain watchful of widgets. Low performing campaigns surfacing is a great time to analyze the widget page. Poor widgets can drag down campaign progress. To identify these not so helpful widgets, filter by PPU, or pages per user. A great rule of thumb is to have a set page number expectancy and kill widgets that do not meet that PPU. Once you have killed underperforming widgets, it is now time to make the remaining widgets work in favor of the campaign. Successful campaigns begin with lucrative widgets. Adjust your bids by widget based off of the success of the widget and meet objective goals quicker than before.

Cut time without cutting corners by using these tips and tricks while navigating within Cortex. If access to these features are unavailable, contact your Cortex representative to upgrade your account and unlock all that Cortex has to offer.