In the Wake of Google Ad Manager's Recent Outage...

Earlier this month, Google Ad Manager (and DFP) experienced the longest blackout in recent memory. This blackout left countless advertisers and publishers floundering for days while their reporting was darkened by the outage. Many who rely on in-house buyers utilizing the Ad Manager had one safe option: dial back their bids and hope their revenue stream didn’t tank as a result of losing auctions.

The ambiguity of this scenario sounds like a nightmare for advertisers who spend tens of thousands of dollars daily on media buying. Without revenue data, publishers could unwittingly be blowing thousands of dollars an hour if they don’t reel in their bids. The results could be catastrophic.

However, advertisers and publishers who utilize the Cortex platform to manage their paid media navigated this crisis with a measure of assurance that they could come out the other side in the black. Cortex's AI-powered insights enable confident bidding via historical CPM and RPU trends even as DFP/GAM went dark.

Learn how Cortex goes beyond traditional media measurement to optimize on real-world behavior and outcomes.

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