AdRizer is excited to announce that we are now a proud FMP badge holder thanks to our continuous innovation and drive. Facebook created the Marketing Partnership program to assist marketing clients in getting the most out of Facebook. Partners undergo thorough vetting for their expertise and a proven record of success. If you’re looking for a qualified Facebook Marketing Partner to take you up the ranks, look no further.

As a results-driven company, innovation, collaboration, and passion lie at our core.  AdRizer has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage thousands of campaigns, while not only scaling and optimizing but also effectively reaching new audiences. No industry is out of reach as we service eCommerce, entertainment, financial services, travel, and gaming. With only 4 years in the ad tech industry, AdRizer has proven to be a must-have for publishers and marketers looking to reach their most valuable audiences.


About AdRizer

AdRizer turns struggles into success stories. Founded in 2015 by CEO Ken Bond, AdRizer is an award-winning digital marketing agency located in Sarasota, Fl. Named Fastest-Growing Software Company in the United States.

Ken Bond
During his time as CEO, AdRizer has achieved rapid growth and was named by Inc. magazine as the nation’s fastest-growing software company.