AdRizer's Culture Begins with Its Space

We love our offices! Hive Architects captured the company's personality and provided a space that is both open and comfortable, and supports how we work and play together. We think it's a fun blend of inspiration and practicality. From the departmental work areas to conference rooms to the communal space where we gather and interact, everything is designed for us to succeed as a company and as individuals. It is a source of pride for everyone in the company, including some four-legged friends!

We're happy to be recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, but we are not surprised. It's just another reason why AdRizer is the best place to work in Sarasota.

We talked with Hive Architects about the design of AdRizer's new corporate office located in Sarasota, Florida. AdRizer is a full-service tracking platform for publishers seeking ROI optimization and digital marketing analytics.

In 2020, AdRizer had sustained  success by reaching revenues of approximately $37 million.  This year, AdRizer believes it is on a current run rate to achieve $62+ million in revenues. Over the last seven years, AdRizer believes it has created one of the leading ad-tech companies as an advertising platform. The AdRizer platform services companies, by example, Google, Taboola, Outbrain, and Buzzfeed.  AdRizer runs both real time programmatic ad transactions and direct agreements with agencies and advertisers in its own proprietary platform with A.I.  

AdRizer will continue to lead with their ad-tech by creating a proprietary ad platform inside short-form video platform, Lomotif.  Lomotif believes this creates incredible opportunities for creators and businesses alike.  Advertisers will be able to schedule their ad buys across Lomotif's Audience Network which allows Lomotif to monetize social traffic in all parts of the world where it has users.

Ken Bond, Founder and CEO of AdRizer said, "Over the last several years while building AdRizer, we always knew the end game for us would be integrating with a large internal platform such as Lomotif.  We feel that we have built an incredible foundation in the tech space but now we can leverage to the advantage of all our companies inside the ZASH ecosystem."

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