What is Cortex and why are we talking about it? 

Over the past decade, AdRizer has built a one-of-a-kind proprietary software to house and execute any and all paid advertising efforts in one place.

Real-time tracking? Check ✅

Publish ads on Outbrain & Yahoo at once? Check ✅

Direct API Connection To Nearly Anything? Check ✅

Cortex is perfect for those looking to zero in on the metrics most important to them through powerful and concise revenue attribution and AI-powered media insights.

Who Is Cortex Built For?

Through various connections and the wonders of JavaScript, we are able to aggregate data from multiple advertising technologies and revenue drivers.

Thankfully this means anyone that works in the paid advertising space online can benefit from Cortex! No really - think of Cortex as a super-charged engine where all your ad sources hang out.

Real-time data is then displayed in easy-to-read formats to help identify top revenue-generating content, audience channels, and ads. 

This allows media buyers to make hourly adjustments, accelerating ROI by moving them through the learning phase faster.

Let’s dive into the top 10 benefits our clients see from Cortex! Once you are done, feel free to contact us below to receive a FREE DEMO on how Cortex can help your brand(s) grow!

10 Benefits Cortex Can Bring To Your Brand

Real-Time Tracking

Cortex AI adapts and learns in real-time, delivering insights that help fine-tune your audience acquisition and yield optimization strategies. 

Take things into your own hands with a SaaS engagement or let a dedicated team of AdRizer media experts put Cortex insights to work for you.

Connect and monitor your top traffic and monetization sources directly from your Cortex dashboard.

Performance Optimization

Cortex delivers a new paradigm in revenue attribution for brands and publishers. 

Layering revenue data with traditional engagement metrics help paint a more detailed picture of how your content and conversion strategies are performing.

Revenue Attribution

The Cortex UI aggregates data from your entire acquisition, monetization, and conversion funnels layering on AI-powered insights so both brand and editorial teams can understand at a glance how your business is doing and how to optimize for performance.

Cortex intelligence is low-cost, easy-to-implement monitoring & advertising solution that delivers rich, real-time attribution against a wide range of brand and publisher metrics like revenue by source, author, article, and conversion event.

Drop the Cortex code on your page and see in an instant which ad slots, social media, on-site promotions, and media partnerships are driving the most revenue. 

Make your monetization strategy work even harder and your funnel converts more frequently with AI-powered media insights.

One Click Multi-Source Campaign Creation

Have you ever wanted to launch a new campaign on Facebook, Outbrain, and Google with a single click? Well, now you can!

  • Create campaigns across multiple sources
  • Create hundreds of ad variations in seconds
  • Push ads from source to source without losing targeting
  • Save time & energy by doing this all from a single dashboard

Publisher Exclusion Tool

Consolidate your digital marketing and improve ROI

We touch on this more below but a big part of native advertising involves “cutting the fat”. This is when you pinpoint publishers/widgets that are dragging your KPIs down. 

From there you can block these sites from hosting your ads and reallocate your ad dollars to better-performing widgets.

Easy tips for this are to block parked domains, non-English domains, and low-volume domains in an effort to get the most bang for your buck in a short timeframe.

AI-Powered Media Insights

Centrally measure and manage every traffic partner and ad campaign from the stunning Cortex interface. 

Immediately discover which partners are delivering the most valuable traffic with Cortex's unique revenue attribution. 

The goal always is to lower your CPC - seeing everything in one place with insights backing up your metrics is a recipe for success.

Reduce Creation Time With Templates

When it comes to saving time - our media buyers are seasoned professionals thanks to Cortex. 

Cortex allows buyers to instantly create campaigns and publish them across multiple channels with templates in seconds.

This means, as an organization once you see a winning campaign - you can templatize that campaign and duplicate it onto as many other advertising sources as you desire.

Remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel - Cortex helps you quickly and easily double down on what’s working when used in conjunction with a foolproof revenue attribution model.

Bid Scheduling & Dayparting

If you have ever run ads online before you know there are hours throughout the day when performance is suboptimal - now you can be proactive when this happens.

Just as you can in the source, Cortex allows buyers to enable bid drops (increases) as well as dayparts where necessary.

For example, if you see your RPU (revenue per user) falls below your CPC you can temporarily pause those campaign efforts until you see profitability again.

Expedite Learning Phase With Widget Optimization

Widgets (or publishers) are your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to launching a new account (or new offer/vertical).

Cortex houses an extremely helpful tab that showcases which widgets your ads are showing on and what the corresponding KPIs related to those campaigns are (RPU, PPU, CTR, CPM, and more).

In addition, Cortex (just as the sources) allow you to adjust your bid per widget - the only  difference here is Facebook and Outbrain (etc) are all in one dashboard.

 By doubling down on higher CTR publishers yielding better results you can spend less, get more users, and cruise right through learning in a matter of days (~2-3 days or ~$200 of spend).

Easy-To-Use Centralized Dashboard

Easily manage all campaigns/ads from multiple sources inside of a single dashboard

Effortlessly control traffic in real-time and how it's performing

  • Quickly View Where Traffic Is Coming From
  • Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data
  • Export Data Into Spreadsheets For In-depth Analysis

Optimize automatically based on performance

  • Clone With One Click
  • Adjust Campaign Bids/Budgets
  • Pause Ads
  • Archived Campaigns
  • Adjust Publisher & Target Bids
  • Block Publishers, Widgets, & Sections

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