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Use machine learning to monitor data across all of your domains and traffic sources in order to maximize performance and revenue.
Leverage unified analytics to conversions and take your performance to the next level.
Maximize revenue by monitoring key web metrics across your entire network in real time.
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"We now attribute our revenue by meaningful business metrics. This intelligence informs our content creation efforts and helps us achieve a revenue scale not possible before."
Brandon Beard
Director, Passive Revenue
The E.W. Scripps Company
"Understanding which traffic sources are driving our revenue has always been difficult. With Cortex, I know in an instance how all of our media campaigns are performing."
Navid Behzadi
Yolla Media
"Cortex is a deceptively simple analytics tool. Without it, we were driving blind regarding which content creators are affecting the most revenue."
Alex Mostoufi
"Cortex gives my team a granular revenue attribution intelligently broken out by meaningful metrics like article, author, and traffic partner. It lets us easily understand what content is performing while AdRizer media pros help amplify its reach."
Sean Moriarty
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